Ball Pythons-Breeding November 28th, 2012

Sorry its been too long and this is my first time using Tumblr! Trying to get accustomed to lol. As you see im trying to change my name because there was a typo its suppose to say Str8Fire Reptiles NOT Replies lol!!!

Well first off the last couple of weeks we have been brain storming on what males to put in with the females. We have came up with a list but unfortunately we cant expose our secrets until we have eggs hopefully lol!!! But i can give you guys some insights of what simple pairings we did. Like breeding GHIs into mojaves, lessers, and enchis. And the list goess on and on and on. We are breeding our ODYB male into more pastels to make more ODYBs, OD, OD Pastel YBs, OD pastels etc. We sold our two males and it seemed like everyone liked them. So why not make some more! Well ill write down our other breeding when i find my list. And give you guys some more things thats happening in our Str8Fire workshop! Dont forget to check out our website for some awesome deals now through christmas!!

Welcome to the Str8 Fire Reptile's Blog! July 31st, 2012

Welcome to our new blog!  We will be posting some of the latest and greatest news about Str8 Fire Reptiles so be sure to bookmark us and check back often!